In this section of my website, I will be suggesting ideas and inspiration for rooms using antiques and contemporary features. Simplicity and elegance are great decorative looks. You don’t have to stuff each room full to achieve an interesting and classic look. Personally, I prefer a cool palate to add decorative items to. This enables you to change the look of your room fairly easily. Move paintings and furniture to achieve a completely different appearance. Below, I have illustrated some of the ‘looks’ you can achieve by simply making easy changes.


There are many ways to make your home look special and a bit different from the run-of-the-mill. Maybe display a collection of tea bowls and saucers on a shelf on the wall instead of a painting.

You can have a theme to your room, say animals, certain colours or perhaps portraits. I personally love pictures on plain walls. I change them regularly and use them as a decorative collection to make the room interesting. A stunning portrait or collection of portraits can look amazing.

An Easy Way to Hang Pictures

A good suggestion for hanging your paintings and pictures is to lay them on the floor before deciding where to hang them. This will give you a good idea of how they will look in a room without damaging the walls. You can try lots of different ways to display your pictures before deciding which layout is best for which room.

Displaying Collections

Make your personal collection a focal point of the room, such as a collection of miniatures or porcelain. It looks individual and eclectic.

Simple is Super Too!

Contemporary looks can work really well when set side-by-side with vintage items. Don’t be afraid to put pieces together that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see living together in harmony. 

Finding Items Online

Now instead of having to go a distance to view auctions or choose antique pieces, you can go ‘online’ and search though many interesting websites. Simply put the item you are looking for into your ‘search engine’ and many different websites will come up which you can look through.

Antique Fairs

When I was doing 3 day antique fairs, which I did for many years, I used to set out my stand as a room set to give visitors an idea of how things could go together and how a room might look. Obviously, I had far more on my stand than you would ordinarily have in a smallish room, but the ‘look’ was there. Here are some photos of my stand over the years.